Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20

Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20

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Description from the group:

This group is for respectful discussion only. We are looking for the facts by calling for a public inquiry. Without the facts blame is premature.

Please refrain from defaming or threatening any group or person. We are simply here to request an inquiry, mobilize support and inform each other of our opinions and experiences.

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A public inquiry is an official review, ordered by government, of important public events or issues. Its purpose is to establish the facts and causes of an event or issue, and then to make recommendations to the government. All levels of government (federal, provincial, and territorial) have the power to call public inquiries.

Several issues have been raised this weekend: Consultation with the City of Toronto and it's citizens, Security build up, the Fence, the treatment of Toronto's homeless, mass damage, no relief fund for shop owners, innocent people and journalists detained, detainee conditions and much more.

This is something that police say we have "never faced in Canada." We agree! Let's learn from this weekend instead of trying to ignore it.

To every story there are many sides, and then there is the truth. Lets get as close to the truth as we can so that protesters, police and politicians a like can answer to the weekends events.