We need your help in identifying all the people behind the criminal actions of everyone working beneathe the Integrated Securities Unit (ISU)... police, security personnel and others!

If you are a member of a police force and witnessed your fellow officers committing illegal acts - you are legally obligated to come forth and notify authorities... but given we can't trust them - send your story here!

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Line Up

This section of the site will be used for identifying members of the Integrated Security Unit involved in criminal activity at the Toronto G20 (including witnesses who as officers of the law are obligated to report illegal behaviour). Please Note: If an officer's photograph appears, this does not mean they are guilty of anything (that is ultimately for the courts to decide!). This is for identification purposes, matching offenders and witnesses to crimes!

If submitting information on an accused criminal officer, please provide as much as the following information as possible:

1. Photograph showing Their Face
2. Photograph Showing Their ID# (on Helmet, Badge, etc.)
3. The law enforcement branch they work for
4. Their name (though we're well aware most had no name tags!)
5. The location the photo was taken
6. If you know of the person in the photo to be involved in criminal or suspected criminal activity - please provide a description with the facts of the event.
7. Was an offence committed against you or your property?

There will be a submission form available shortly, but until then, simply email us with all the information (including attaching the supporting imagery).