As it it compiled, a complete timeline of events will be published here. Your submissions will remain anonymous if you want (we will not record your IP Address). Please be very factual of the offences you were either victim to or witnessed. We want hard facts that can be collaborated by others if possible. Information is power - and power will be brought back to the people!

Not Dated Yet

----:Harrison Helkrow of Red Power United (RPU) has meeting with CSIS agent, secretly taped by APTN

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

----:Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Hunstville, Ontario would be the venue for the 2010 G8 Summit,
Sunday, April 18th, 2010

----:[Press for Truth] films a terror drill conducted by TAPPS in Toronto's financial district

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

----New regulation (amendment to Public Works Act) is passed in a "special five-member cabinet."

Monday, June 7th, 2010

----Community safety minister Rick Bartolucci’s office and senior bureaucrats agree to conceal the PWPA. An email between two unnamed senior officials reads ... “Following up on [our] conversation we had earlier about the Public Works designation. Yes, we agree, everyone was on board with drawing out the actual release of that knowledge to the public for as long as what is reasonable,” AND “So yeah, let’s not run out the door right away. Yes, communicating quietly to [Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair] so he can carry [on] with his planning is fine. So long as we can stress as best we can that this should be kept under wraps until we are ready for it to be known to the public, that would be great…”

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

----Regulation is uploaded to eLaws, but unless you regularly go through elaws to see what laws changed while you were sleeping, you won't know about it. No other measure is taken to inform the public of this regulation, despite the numerous pamphlets sent out to explain what people could expect from police during G20.

Friday, June 19th, 2010

----Federal government confirms that the G20 summit would be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

??, June ??, 2010

----Kevin Clarke becomes first arrestee of the G20 for fixing his rollerblade [source]

Monday, June 21st, 2010

----Regulation 233/10 is in force.
----"All Out in Defense of the Rights of All" peaceful marchers gather in Allan Gardens, organized by Sense of Security (SOS) (based in Waterloo-Kitchener and Guelph)
----A woman working in Allan Gardens is illegally charged and arrested. Charge is for posessing burgulary tools - her key chain. Charges later dropped and woman released.
----Esso gas station briefly occupied by 6-7 protestors
----SOS March moves up Yonge, demonstrates infront of Children's Aid Society.
----SOS March disperses prior to TPS arresting a native protester.

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

1007:[Byron Sonne], computer systems and security expert arrested at home 58 Elderwood Drive in Forest Hill
1110:Byron Sonne's last recorded Twitter update.
----'Queering the G20' protest begins early evening. Reported one arrest.

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

am:[Windsor Police] head to Toronto to commence orientation on G20 duties
pm:[Sean F. Salvati] illegally detained, arrested, wrongfully charged and sexually assaulted by Toronto Police (Officer 8830 & 8659)
----'Toxic Tour of Toronto' main organized protest of the day. Approximatley 400-500 people gather at Alexandra Park
----Hip hop artists 'Testament and Illogick' preform infront of US Consulate during protest

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

----Byron Sonne's wife Kristen arrested
----Police arrest a man with a chainsaw, crossbow in his car. They later say that this had nothing to do with G20. His confiscated items later wind up in publicity photo put on by TPS.
----When a man is arrested under the new Regulation, the public finally hears about it, but we are given false information as to its extent -- we are told it extends 5 metres beyond perimeter of the fence.
11001,000 people gather at Queen's Park for Indigenous people's struggles. Protest titled “Canada Can't Hide Genocide.”. Organizers work closely with police and security to ensure a peaceful rally.
2000:Several police show up at a Steelworker's Union Hall to intimidate Women's Chilean Coordinating Committee cultural event into cancelling their cultural event
2245:T. Michael Douglas illegally detained and injured outside (Novotel. Police say they're conducting a 'Preventitive Arrest'.
2300:Mass arrests at Novotel (Cliff Cawthon from Buffalo State Students For Peace included)
2300:[Ben Powless] illegally arrested

Friday, June 25th, 2010

----:Community Safety Minister Rick Bartolucci’s ministry drafted a press release outlining the changes under the Public Works Protection Act that specifically said “it does not authorize police officers to require individuals to submit to searches on roads and sidewalks outside the zone.”

But the news release was never distributed because, according to Marin, “by the end of the day, the ministry had decided to scrap the idea of going public altogether” since there was only one media call on the five-metre rule. (Taken from TheStar.com)
----:[Jesse Freeston], of the Real News Network, was punched in the face twice by police, and had his microphone temporarily confiscated while other media crowded around and yelled for the police to return it. (Novotel)
0445:Police, without warrant, pre-emptively raided, without warrant, 2 Toronto houses where activists were staying
0700:Ben Powless read his rights, 8hrs after illegal arrest
1200:Theme for the day's protests is “Justice for Our Communities” beginning at Allan Gardens. Police immediately begin searching people upon their arrival and confiscating items. Members of 'No One Is Illegal (NOII)' refuse to be searched and break through police lines - stopping police from their illegal activities. Approximately 3,000-4,000 gathered. Reports of 30 Black Bloc members.
----:Allan Gardens march reaches Yonge & College. Police now in riot helmets, attempt arresting one person. Police release batons and first reports of assaults by police (striking with batons and punching) are reported
----:Deaf man (source req!) arrested
----:March continues to University Avenue and begins heading South. Police allegedly snatched a protestor's umbrella - claiming it was a weapon. People begin surrounding police until Marshall's difuse the situation and march continues
----:March organizers and police spend time negotiating on intended route. March turns right (West) into a side street (confirmation of street required!). An alleyway off side street filled with police in riot gear. No altercations except for a slashed tire are reported.
----:March nears end of side-street as another line of riot cops become apparent, forcing march back along route it came along College St. and back to Allan Lam Park
1402:[NOW Magazine Tweets] Shit gets crazy in front of CARLU York region cop assaults guy standing next to me then starts pushing everyone.
1430:Ontario Coalition of Poverty's protest set to start
1630:Eaton's Centre is evacuated
1636:Protestors marching on College approaching Yonge St.
1758:Security perimeter fence is [closed]
1809:[NOW Magazine Tweets] Can't wait to upload vid of cops hitting people with bikes. Rage-o-hol flowing through bulging neck veins of some officers out here.
1900:Ben Powless released from 623 Eastern Avenue
2243:[Torontoist Tweets (HD)] Naomi Klein is leading an impromptu march from Massey Hall to Allan Gardens right now. Our Emily Shepard estimates that there are several hundred people in the crowd, and reports that a large contingent of police officers are present.
2314:[Torontoist Tweets (ES)] "Someone with a megaphone at Allan Gardens has just announced that the deaf person being held at the Eastern Avenue detention facility has been offered an ASL interpreter, but that this interpreter is a police officer. A contingent is now leaving Allan Gardens to head down to the former Toronto Film Studio site and show their support."

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

----:[Roger Reis] aprehends a looter and throws stolen merchandise back into Bell store on Yonge St.
----:Riot police block medical personnel from reaching potential burn victims
----:Mounted police trample woman in park.
----:Police illegally detain and arrest people who gathered outside 629 Eastern Avenue.
----:[Brandon Jourdan], while filming at Queen's Park, is beaten by Toronto Police.
1100:[Kristen Peterson], wife of [Byron Sonne], is granted bail
daytime:Police open fire on peaceful protestors with rubber bullets
0434:TPS Document [Intelligence Division Daily Situation Report] states [SOAR]'s 'militant march intending to break down the fence' set to meet at 1600 between Dundas and Grange Park
0600:[Benjamin Elroy Yau], TTC Worker, illegally arrested while on his way to work walking on College St.
midday:[Enforcement Agents] ordered not to engage the few vandals causing property damage.
----:Amanda Hiscocks, Leah Henderson, Alex Hundert and Peter Hopperton appear before a JP. Bail hearing moved over to Monday.
1230:Canadian Labour Council warm up rally set at US Consulate, 360 University Avenue
1230:Greenpeace to begin marching from 33 Cecil St towards Queen's Park (from document in Squad Car 3251]
1300:Canadian Labour Council march set until 1700. Permit event path is Queen's Park South on University; West on Queen St. W.; North on Spadina; East on College back to Queen's Park
1500:Tail end of protest reaches Queen & Spadina. Group breaks off
1513:Police at Queen & Peter St. begin putting on gas masks
----:Riot police stop break-away protestors from marching south on Spadina. March moves East on Queen St.
1518:Bicycle police arrive infront of Steve's Music Store on Queen St. W. Only one police car appears to have been vandalized at this point.
1522:Blockade at University on Queen begins retreating Eastwards
----:Break away march turns South on Bay St.
1531:Police gain control of area around abandoned police cars on Queen St. W.
1538:Riot police continue to arrive on Queen St. West
1544:Protestors surround TPS Cars TAV56, TAV58, TAV59, #730. TAV59 appears to have from passengar tire slashed (or is flat)
1549:Bank of Montreal at Bay & King has had windows broken
1545:All police at Queen St. West near Spadina put on gas masks
1600:SOAR's militant march to meet at Grange Park. Document from Squad Car 3251 calls for 'Situational Awareness and Tactics'
1600:Suspected Agent Provocateur (Arcteryx Jacket Guy) at Queen & Richmond St. trying to encite violence towards riot police
1617:Fully armed riot police at Queen St. West & Spadina retreat leaving abandoned police cars
1623:Riot police begin formations on King between University and York
1640:Fire truck P332 from Station 332 leaves Richmond and Spadina (where it had been stationary all afternoon). Station 332 is 3/4 blocks away from where police cars later ignited.
1644:After professional cameras arrive, man in expensive Arceyx jacket beging initial wreckage on Squad Car #766
1645:Scoitabank ATM's have had their displays smashed
----:Fire truck escorted out. OPP Riot Police form lines and begin pushing peaceful protesters and curious onlookers
1648:Large numbers of civilians at Yonge & Carlton
1650:Legitimate protestors at Queen & Spadina continue trying to protect the abandoned police cars
1700:Protestors march at King & Bay
1715:Riot Police descending down Richmond at Bay
1730:Selwyn Firth, Mayoral Candidate, assaulted then illegally charged with obstructing justice.
1737:Toronto Police Sergeant Tim Burrows has confirmed to 680News that despite wide reports to the contrary, no firearms, pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets have been used thus far.
1741:[Peel Region] police march on University south of College
1743:Mayor David Miller expresses anger of events at press conference - praises Bill Blair and TPS.
----:OPP Riot police leave scene at Spadina & Queen after approximately 1hr. Crowd returns East on Queen from West side of Spadina to scene of burning squad car. Second police car is ignited.
1750:Police gather at University Ave. & College St. just south of Queen's Park
1756:Peaceful protestors sit at Bay & King
1759:Arrests on Univeristy Ave. at College
1800:Vladimir Jon Cubrt illegally detained and searched R. Tobin, badge #3919 on Wellington between Bay & York.
1813:Reports of rocks possibly being thrown at police
1850:Drew Ferguson is illegally arrested. "Arresting officer swore that he was going to kill me and told me not to breath[e]". Detained for 35 hrs.
1830:Police begin assaulting people in designated 'Protest Safe Zone' at Queen's Park - Horses charge
1850:Police shoot tear gas at peaceful protestors sitting on peace signs drawn on the ground singing "O Canada"
1852:Protestor spells "NO G20" out of sod at Bay & Adelaide
1900:Police form a line and push everyone in area away from yellow zone up Simcoe St. towards Queen St.
1900:Unprovoked, police charge a peaceful crowd at Queen's Park and open fire with pepper pellets
----:Break off march heads south on Bay St.
----:Hammer is thrown at windows of Bank of Montreal, instigating full attack of windows.
----:2 Police Cars abandoned at Bay & King St. Immediately one has windows smashed out - slowing march by curious onlookers
----:A 3rd police car drives quickly to Bay & King. Four cops jump out and retreat back. First attacked car is engulfed in flames - 2nd abandoned police car has windows smashed and eventually set ablaze.
----:Large mass of police in full riot gear are marching West along security perimetre towards Bay St. blocking marches from fence.
----:Second mass of riot police fill in from behind the march
----:Mass of riot police from the south being advancing North on Bay St.
----:Rocks and bricks thrown at riot police infront of TPS Headquarters
1913:Nude protestor arrested at Queen & Peter St.
1920:Police repeatedly shoot tear gas
1940:5 Toronto Police officers illegally detain and search women, instead of paying attention to burning police car
1940:Abandoned police car ignited on University Avenue - no police present
1945:Abandoned police cars near Queen & Spadina are vandalized
1948:TPS Car #766 set ablaze at Queen & Spadina
1951:Police Car #3251 still burning in front of Steve's Music on Queen St. W.
1954:Abandoned police car at Queen & Spadina is engulfed in fire - no police present
----:Police minivan at College & Queen's Park is vandalized
----:Riot police fire muzzle blasts (combination of tear-gas and talcum powder)
----:Large mass of riot police reported heading South towards Queen's Park
2014:Police remain 'on guard' at Spadina Ave. as Car #766 burns on Queen. St. West
----:Larger contingent of riot police arrive by the busload including OPP, RCMP, Mounted Police (not on buses!), Newfoundland Constabulary
2016:Police charge eastbound on Queen St. West from Spadina Avenue. CBC's Jennifer Hollett captures on video.
----:Riot police push crowds back, then charge. Repeat. Mounted units rush in.
2020:Burning police car near Queen & Spadina is finally extinguished.
2038:[Steve Pakin (TVOntario)] is threatened with illegal arrest.
2045:Horses trample man in Queen's Park South [Vid 1]
----:“Saturday Night Fever” dance/street party to reclaim streets is cancelled. Organizers reportedly arrested.
2100:[Skylar Radojkovic] is illegally detained and arrested at Queen & Spadina
2135:Protestors create roadblock made of logs and local debris on a bridge in QP. Police dismantle it and continue pushing protestors north of Queen's Park
2232:[Paikin Tweet's] “cops tightening their perimeter. why? they are forcing something they dont need to force
2237:[Paikin Tweet's] “cops moving closer why?"
2254:[Paikin Tweet's] “weapons are rubber bulles"
2300:[Jesse Rosenfeld] is arrested & beaten during peaceful protest at The Esplanade.
2302:[Paikin Tweet's] "“i. gone police escor me"
2300:'Roving Street Party' / 'Saturday Night Fever' to 'Reclaim Streets' from police and military. Suspected to have Public Order Concerns and Criminality associated. (from docuemnts contained in Squad Car #3251)

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

----:RBC and McDonalds attacked in Calgary in show of support for the Toronto detainee's
-am-:Police target and arrest an estimated 70 people at the University of Toronto
----Hip hop artists 'Testament and Illogick' arrested
----:More than 30 arrests at an activists convergence space
----:Toronto Sun reports "a clear order from the command centre saying 'Do not engage'"
----:Police raid Graduate Student Union Building at the University of Toronto, arresting 70 people including Daniel Vandervoot, the GSU’s External Commissioner
0039:[Steve Pakin (TVOntario)] tweet reports on beating of of Jesse Rosenfeld
0040:[Steve Pakin (TVOntario)] tweet reports of officer commenting that Jesse's beating was wrong. This officer had an obligation to step in and stop this. Can anyone help identify who this was?
0042:[Steve Pakin (TVOntario)] tweet reports of the protest being "peaceful" and non-agressive.
0100:[Dan Hamilton], peaceful onlooker, illegally arrested
0242:Protestors being arrested outside 629 Eastern Avenue
1000:Peaceful Jail solidarity march commences infront of 629 Eastern Avenue
1000:Police engage in [criminal activity - violently assaulting peaceful demonstrators at 629 Eastern Avenue. Est. 20 illegal arrests made.
1045:Peaceful solidarity march from Jimmy Simpson Park to Detention Centre
1115:Journalist student, Dylan Robertson illegally detained and searched at Bloor Street W and St. George Street
1200:Police in riot gear assembling at used car lot on Carlaw @ Eastern. TPS officer in marked car flies out parking lot, almost t-boning a car. Driver of car lays on horn, gets out of car and tears a strip off pompous officer
1300:Saskatoon Police begin arriving at Bloor & Spadina
1458:Prayer group protest stopped at King & Bay
1500:[Maryam Adrangi] illegally arrested at 1266 Queen West (Parkdale Community Legal Services). Held for 7 hours. Victim to racist and sexual remarks from officers.
1500:[Skylar Radojkovic] is released from 629 Eastern Avenue
1523:Police board buses departing for Quebec City at Queen & Nobel. 50 Passengers ordered off. 2 or 10 people detained (depending on reports).
1605:Bike protest arrives at 629 Eastern Avenue
1620:Prayer vigil organizer Maggie Helwig asked to leave King & Bay, she refuses
1630:[Syl Grady] Queen and Spadina intersection arrived 4:30pm, on my way home. Talking to woman wearing brown top, leaning on bicycle. Police started moving in pushed me to street. I moved to the other side of the street, by Street Dance Academy, moved up the stairs ordered off the stairs, stood below with others squeezed into small box space, no where to go. Stood hours. Asked to be released, officer refused. Persisted.Showed pain pills to medic-released. Panicky, hurt back, wet, sick with head cold now. Taking pain killers. Can't sleep. (Wearing jean jacket, long white shirt underneath, nylon slacks, sandals. Used whitish umbrella)
1704:Riot police now on prayer vigil scene @ King & Bay
1808:Riot police begin 'Kettling' at Queen & Spadina
1809:Maggie Helwig is told by riot officer that prayer vigil can remain so long as no laws broken
1813:Riot police in 'Kettling' at Queen & Spadina begin physically assaulting the public
1815:Kettled protestors put up their hands. Many sit. Absolutely zero violence or instigation from any protestors towards police.
1816:Riot police in 'Kettling' at Queen & Spadina begin tightening the Kettle more. Additional physically assaults and random arrests occur.
1830:[Michael Talbot] of CityTV is arrested.
1850:Peaceful protestors singing national anthem are rushed by riot police [dreip]
1906:Jesse Rosenfeld is released from detention centre
1917:Suspected use of signal jamming technology by TPS and/or OPP at Queen & Spadina. Media blackout
2130:Mass arrests of peaceful demostrators and civilians begin at Queen & Spadina [Jesse Miller
2130:Independent Journalist, [Daniel Adam MacIsaac] arrives at Alternative Media Centre
2230:Remaining Queen & Spadina detainee's released without charge
2330:[Michael Talbot] of CityTV is released unconditionally (5hrs illegal detention and arrest).
1130:[Lacy MacAuley] Arrived at 629 Eastern Avenue. Shortly after illegally arrested and assaulted by Toronto Police [Pic | Story]
----:Bank of Montreal attacked at Christie and Dupont - several windows smashed

Monday, June 28th, 2010

----:Bank of Montreal attacked at Ossington and Dundas - several windows smashed, ATM's smashed and glued shut
am:[Windsor Police] originally supposed to return home
----:Mike Brock, Western Standard is harrassed by Toronto Police at Univeristy Avenue
0200:[Benjamin Elroy Yau], released after 36hrs of illegal arrest and detention
0227:CBC Commentor 'godot19' mentions "cops planted the cars. That is, they drove them to specific planned out spots, and biked away, and waited."
0300:[Elena Smith], released after 28-hours of illegal detention and arrest
0300:[Dan Hamilton], released after 26-hours of illegal detention and arrest
0930:[Lacy MacAuley] Arrived at 2201 Finch Street courthouse
1700:[Lacy MacAuley] Woman transported with released
1800:[Lacy MacAuley] Met with duty counsel, informed of $1500 bail
2030:[Lacy MacAuley] Returned to court, new duty counsel, no knowledge of bail arrangements
1100:[Lacy MacAuley] Returned to court. Informed that court was recessed until 0900 following morning
----Regulation 233/10 expires.

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

----:McGuinty government waits until now to explain the scope of this Regulation 233/10, which has been inaccurately represented in the media.
----:Police Chief Bill Blair, first states that he had misunderstood the regulation, then admits that he lied to the public in an effort to "keep the criminals out."
----:Police Chief Bill Blair, says that public was informed about the regulation through the aforementioned fliers, which did not actually mention the new regulation.
----:Police Chief Bill Blair, displays weapons police had confiscated from protestors -- among them several foam toys, and the crossbow and chainsaw which they had previously told us had nothing to do with G20
0230:[Lacy MacAuley] Transferred to Vanier Women's Prison, in Milton, Ontario
0300:[Lacy MacAuley] Processed. Strip searched for 2nd time
0700:[Lacy MacAuley] 1st Meal since being in custody
0730:[Lacy MacAuley] 1st transfer of inmates to courthouse (absent X and Rachel)
1000:[Lacy MacAuley] Transferred to Prison
1200:[Lacy MacAuley] Brought into courthouse, new duty counsel again
1700:[Lacy MacAuley] Released without belongings
1700:[Charlie Veitch] arrested at Pearson International Airpot by Peel Regional Police for impersonating a police officer

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

1730:Work truck belonging to Peter Kiewit and Sons in East Vancouver set aflames in show of solidarity to G20 detainee's

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

----:RBC ATM's in Montreal at Monkland and Harvard smashed as sign of solidarity to G20 victims
1730:Active citizens meet at Queen's Park then march through Toronto to raise awareness of a public inquiry

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

----:Regulation 233/10 will be published for the first time in the [Ontario Gazette (p.25/1029)] -- even though it has already expired.

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

----:Dalton McGuinty appoints Chris Lewis as incoming OPP Commissioner. (Fantino retires August 1st, 2010)

Friday, July 9th, 2010

----:Stephen Harper, remaining mute on the entire fiasco, goes on holiday.

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

1300:Thousands march at [Queen's Park] and other cities in the growing movement seeking an inquiry.
17:30:Global National News doctors Toronto civil disobedience by including footage of [Vancouver Olympic's] from February 13, 2010

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

0000:[A Video] surfaces on YouTube showing documents found in [Squad Car 3251]

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

0900:Justice of the Peace Mark Conacher presiding over Peter Hopperton's bail inquiry - forbids the public from note taking. An unheard of and 100% fictious restriction made by this JP.

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

-am-:Ashran Ravindhraj, 25, turns himself in to 52 Division. Faces charges of arson and two counts of mischief over $5,000
1300:Toronto Police release their '10 Most Wanted' list for alleged criminals involved in G20 events

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

----:Cody Caplette, 21, Philip Lee, 28 arrested by G20 Investigation Team

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

----:Kurt Roarco, 22 & Andrew Loughrin, 23 are arrested in connection with mischief at the G20 Summit.

Monday, July 19th, 2010

----:Michael Corbett, 29, Bryan O'Handley, 19, Jeffrey Delaney, 23, Robert Kainola, 24, and a young offender are arrested in connection with mischief from the G20 Summit

Monday, November 1st, 2010

----:Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Jim Bradley, confirms unequivocal commitment to act on Ombudsman Andre Marin's recommendations in a timely manner (Sec. 21/22 of 'Caught in the Act')

November 29th, 2010

0900:[Adam Nobody case] Chief of the TPS asserted on a CBC radio morning show that the video had been significantly tampered with and fabricated. He said that the police were arresting a violent armed offender and that a segment depicting the use of a weapon had been removed from the tape.

December 3rd, 2010

am:[Adam Nobody case] TPS Chief issued a news release stating that he had no evidence that there was any "intent to mislead" with respect to the videotape in question and no evidence that Mr. Nobody was armed. He extended an apology to Mr. Nobody.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

1700:Ombudsman André Marin’s 125-page report, Caught in the Act, on what he called “the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history.” (The Report - 47MB)

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

1700:Liberals kept G20 law secret for weeks before summit (story)

December 21st, 2010

am:[Adam Nobody case] Constable Babak Andalib-Goortani has this morning been charged with assault with a weapon, contrary to section 267(a) of the Criminal Code.

January 24th, 2011

0900:[Adam Nobody case] Constable Babak Andalib-Goortani's 1st day in court at Ontario Court of Justice (College Park Building), 444 Yonge Street, Toronto

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

1500:[Event]: Calling for a Full Public Inquiry into G20 /Resignation of Chief Bill Blair

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

1700:[Event]: International Rally/March against Police Brutality In front of 51 Division @ 5pm

Tuesday, March 22th, 2011

1209:TPS Car TAV56 seen on Danforth Avenue. Look at 3 separate photos of this car here.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

2206:TPS Officer A. Yim (Asian, Male, Dark Hair, Slim Face) and unknown female TPS partner (Long blonde hair), driving TPS Car 'TAV52 License# BDBN 098' conduct illegal detention and search of private citizen on Danforth Avenue east of Woodbine Avenue.