Open letter to Vic Towes, Minister of Public Safety

Canadian Civil Liberties Association G20 petition


Intimidation. Assault. Humiliation. Sexual Assault. Threat. Bullying. Kidnapping. Lying. Break & Entering. Stealing. Pre-emptive Arrests. Illegal House Raids. Vandalism. Destroying Public Property. Illegal Detention. Illegal Arrests. Enciting Rioting.

What do the above have in common? If you were in downtown Toronto during the G20 Summit, then no explanation is needed. If you've only been watching mainstream media - then you more than likely haven't seen the exemplary performances of our country's finest.

While there are good police in our country - it seemed that few were present during the week of the Summit. Our mission is to identify all security personnel, police officers and members of the ISU who commited crimes (both civil and criminal) and ensure they are properly charged then prosecuted for their offences.

The excuse "I was following orders." is not good enough. That type of excuse was heard at the Nuremburg Trials and we simply won't stand for it. Police Officers have a responsibility to US, the public. They ignored that responsibility repeatedly and need to be brought to justice. This includes the entire chain of command of the Integrated Security Unit behind the G20 Summit - climbing all the way to our very own Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The volunteers behind this site represent all of us. The issues at hand are not separated by religion, sexual preference, social status or anything else... they affect each and every single Canadian.

Please use this website to find information pertinent in aiding your battle of charging those responsible for crimes against you... us... and our Country.

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